BR - Bridewell Hospital

Date Range1556 -
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ControllingBridewell and Bethlem Hospitals (1574 - 1948) [1574 - 1948]

Originally built as a palace for Henry VIII in New Bridge Street, by 1556 Bridewell had become a house of correction for petty offenders, vagrants and immoral persons. By 1574 (and possibly earlier) Bridewell and Bethlem were jointly administered by a Court of Governors. A separate house of occupations, or reformatory school for destitute and delinquent youths of both sexes, was added to Bridewell in 1830, originally in the grounds of Bethlem Royal Hospital at St George's Fields. Following the closure of the house of correction in 1855, the house of occupations changed its name to King Edward's Schools, and reduced the 'criminal element' in its admissions, in 1860. The boys' school was moved to Witley, Surrey in 1867, and the girls' school was closed in 1922. Bethlem Royal Hospital and King Edward's School continued to be administered jointly until the advent of the National Health Service in 1948.

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