Series QVB - Visitors Book

Date Range30 October 1903 - June 1989
Quantity8 cm, 2 volumes, 1 file
ProvenanceWarlingham Park Hospital
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12  Reports and visitors' books

Inventory Listing

QVB-01 Visitors Book

Signatures of Boards of Guardians from various parishes funding patients in the hospital, 1903 to 1930. Signatures and comments from visiting dignitaries, 1945 to 1980.
This item contains references to: Elizabeth, Queen Consort of George VI

Creator Warlingham Park Hospital
Date range 30 October 1903 - 10 September 1980    Quantity 5 cm, 1 volume
Formats Register
Inventory Identifier QVB-01 Series Box Number E01/4 Series QVB
QVB-02 Visitor's commmittee report book
Creator Warlingham Park Hospital
Date range 8 May 1947 - 19 January 1962    Quantity 1 cm, 1 volume
Formats Reports
Inventory Identifier QVB-02 Series Box Number E03/3 Series QVB
QVB-03 Rota visitors' reports
Creator Warlingham Park Hospital
Date range January 1970 - June 1989    Quantity 2 cm, 1 file
Formats General Correspondence, Reports and Memoranda
Inventory Identifier QVB-03 Series Box Number EO3/3 Series QVB

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