Series BRW - Brainwaves

Date Range1990 - 1995
Quantity10 cm, 1 bundle
ProvenanceThe Bethlem Royal Hospital and the Maudsley Hospital Special Health Authority

Described as a fortnightly publication for staff of news and views about the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals

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ITN  Inter Nos 1972 - 1984

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08  Ephemera

Inventory Listing

BRW-01 Brainwaves

Each issue is roughly two A4 pages stapled together. It appears to have been printed from a computer and photocopied onto yellow paper.

Issues: 11th April and 25th April; 9th and 23rd May; 6th June; 4th and 18th July; 1st, 15th and 29th August; 10th and 24th October; 7th and 21st November; 5th and 19th December,1990
9th and 30th January; 13th and 27th February; 13th and 27th March; 10th and 24th April; 8th May; 5th and 19th June; 10th and 24th July; 21st August; 18th September; early October? and 16th and 30th October; 13th and 27th November; 11th December, 1991
1st , 15th and 29th January; 12th and 26th February; 11th and 25th March; 15th and
29th April; 13th and 27th May; 10th and 24th June; 22nd July; 5th August; 9th and
30th September; 21st October; 4th and 18th November; 2nd and 16th December, 1992
13th and 27th January; 10th and 24th February; 10th and 24th March; 21st April;
19th May; 16th and 30th June; 14th July; 25th August; 8th and 22nd September; 9th and 20th October; 3rd and 17th November; 1st and 8th December, 1993
14th and 28th January; 11th and 25th February; 25th March; 15th and 29th April (also in April is a Brainwaves Bulletin on blue paper); 13th and 27th May; 10th and 24th June; 8th and 22nd July; 5th and 19th August; 2nd , 16th and 30th September; 14th and
28th October; 11th and 25th November; 9th and 23rd December, 1994
20th January 3rd and 24th February; 10th and 24th March; 21st April; 5th and 19th May; 2nd June; 7th and 21st July; 4th and 18th August; 8th and 22nd September; 13th and 27th October; 24th November; 8th and 20th December, 1995
5th and 19th; 9th and 23rd February (two copies); 8th March (two copies); 19th April;
3rd and 24th May; 14th June; 5th and 19th July; 2nd, 16th and 30th August; 13th and
27th September; 25th October; 8th and 22nd November; 5th November; 6th December, 1996
17th January; 7th and 21st February; 7th March; 4th and 25th April; 16th May; 26th June; 22nd August; 19th September; 17th October; 5th November; 18th December, 1997
15th January; 13th February; 20th March; 9th April; 11th May; 11th June; 8th July;
1st (two copies) and 10th December, 1998
25th January (two copies); 9th February; 16th March (two copies), 1999

Creator The Bethlem Royal Hospital and the Maudsley Hospital Special Health Authority
Date range 1990 - 1999    Quantity 10 cm, 1 bundle
Inventory Identifier BRW-01 Series BRW

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