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Catalogue of the records held at Bethlem Museum of the Mind

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This catalogue describes records, including photographs and artworks, from the South London and Maudsley National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust and its predecessors in England. The records cover the period 1553-2009. For more information see the 'Scope and Contents' section.


This catalogue is an archival listing of records (or ‘Inventory Items’). These records are arranged into categories (‘Series’) and subcategories (‘Sub-Series’). The collection comprises 14 series (broad categories to assist in navigation, numbered 01 to 14) and 328 sub-series (specific categories which each contain a unique two or three letter code eg. ‘QAM’).

Imaged Records Online

Some of the records have been digitally imaged and can be accessed from this catalogue. Records with images have a link to the right of screen in the form: 'Image>>'. For examples of and links to the imaged records see the 'Gallery' section.

The Index

An index of selected people, places and topics was added to the catalogue in 2008. This index will be updated periodically and new terms can and will be added. Sometimes index terms link to records that are on closed access and therefore not included the web catalogue. Where this occurs, the link leads to a "page not found" message. Use the back button to return to the index.

Cultural Advice Statement

Users of the catalogue are advised that the records held by Bethlem Museum of the Mind that are described therein include potentially sensitive information about patients of the past. Consulting these records may cause sadness or distress. Descriptions of symptoms, treatments, and (in the case of patients who died in hospital) autopsies may be upsetting for the general reader even when clinically unremarkable. Further, previous generations of record creators sometimes used language that would today be regarded as inconsiderate, or even offensive.

Access, Use and Copyright

Access to the imaged materials online is provided for the purposes of individual research or study. Bethlem Museum of the Mind expects researchers to respect the views and sensitivities of the people mentioned therein. Copyright in archival materials is inevitably complex. Researchers wishing to publish material from this collection will need to seek the appropriate copyright permissions. In the first instance, they should contact Bethlem Museum of the Mind. Guidance on citation and referencing of information in the guide and records in the collection can be provided upon request. [Details]

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