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FLA  Bethlem House Governor's correspondence with hospital's solicitors concerning Bethlem endowment estates 1919 - 1986

MRF  Correspondence and papers concerning the Miller Relief Fund 1916 - 1922

HLB  Correspondence and related filing concerning hospital estate at Monks Orchard c. 1927 - c. 1992

OPC  Correspondence concerning the hospital's outpatient department c. 1920 - c. 1927

JLB  Correspondence of Physician Superintendent and others concerning the hospital chapel 1922 - 1939

QCP  Correspondence with Croydon General Hospital 1973 - 1977

CCC  Correspondence with the Charity Commission, Bank of England and others regarding the hospitals' investments in stocks, bonds and loans 1919 - 1939

BEC  Estates correspondence 1836 - 1953?

MFA  General correspondence files concerning the Maudsley Hospital 1902 - 1949

ILB  Incoming and copy outgoing correspondence with Board of Control and predecessor 1887 - 1948

ALB  Letter book containing outgoing copy correspondence of Edward Richards Adams, Bridewell Hospital's accountant 1841 - 1848

CLB  Letter books and files containing clerk's correspondence concerning Bethlem Royal and Bridewell Hospitals c. 1799 - 1929

BLB  Letter books containing clerk's outgoing copy correspondence concerning Bridewell Hospital 1816 - 1857

DLB  Letter books containing incoming and copy outgoing general correspondence concerning Bethlem Royal Hospital and convalescent establishment 1902 - 1948

FLB  Letterbooks containing incoming and copy outgoing general correspondence concerning Bethlem estates c. 1919 - c. 1945

QMZ  Medical Superintendent's correspondence 1927 - 1948

MHB  Memoranda from Chief Officer of the London County Council's Mental Hospitals Department to the Medical Superintendent 1926 - 1939

LEG  Papers concerning patient complaints and legal actions c. 1770 - c. 1995

SAS  Papers concerning the setting up of the Special Assessment and Supervision Service 1974 - 1997

ELB  Physician superintendent's correspondence 1911 - 1951

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