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images/BCB-12/BCB-12_00058_T.jpg - 180 x 240
A page from a seventeenth-century volume of minutes of the Court of Governors of Bridewell and Bethlem Hospitals.
Source Item BCB-12

images/ARA-03/ARA-03_00070_T.JPG - 180 x 240
A page from an eighteenth-century admission register for Bethlem Hospital.
Source Item ARA-03

images/BAR-02/BAR-02_00032_T.JPG - 180 x 240
Diagram included in a report on the death of a patient that was included in Bethlem Hospital's annual report for 1842.
Source Item BAR-02

images/HPA-01/HPA-01_00001_T.JPG - 180 x 240
One of several dozen Victorian Bethlem Hospital patients photographed by Henry Hering in the 1850s.
Source Item HPA-01

images/ESP-02/ESP-02_00003_T.JPG - 180 x 240
Sale particulars for the Monks Orchard estate and surrounds in Beckenham, Kent, 1920.
Source Item ESP-02

images/LSC-301/LSC-301_00001_T.JPG - 180 x 135
One of a collection of hundreds of lantern slides put together by Bethlem Hospital's chaplain, Rev. Geoffrey O'Donoghue, in the early twentieth century.
Source Item LSC-301

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