Series LSB - Lantern slide catalogues

Date Range26 October 1905 - 1937, 1905 and 1937
Quantity4 cm, 3 files
ProvenanceBethlem Royal Hospital

Rev Edward Geoffrey O'Donoghue, Bethlem chaplain from 1892 to 1930, compiled a collection of lantern slides over a period of years to illustrate the regular lectures he gave, mostly on the history of the hospital, as part of a programme of entertainments for staff and patients. This collection is held as series LSC. A printed outline of the slides O'Donoghue used in 1905, and a catalogue of the slides prepared by Kenneth Cantle (who worked as an attendant, then a male nurse, at Bethlem from 1903 to 1947, and as part-time librarian at Bethlem from 1947 to 1957) in 1937, comprises series LSB.

Related Series

LSC  Lantern slide collection c. 1900 - c. 1938

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08  Ephemera

Inventory Listing

LSB-01 Printed booklet outlining slides used by Rev Geoffrey O'Donoghue (hospital chaplain 1892-1930) for a lantern slide lecture on the history of the hospital

Entitled 'Our Hospital: Its Past and its Present'.
This item contains references to: O'Donoghue, Edward Geoffrey.

Creator Bethlem Royal Hospital
Date range 26 October 1905    Quantity 1 cm, 1 file
Formats General Publications
Inventory Identifier LSB-01 Series Box Number H2-8 Series LSB
LSB-02 Copies of lantern slide catalogue compiled by Kenneth Cantle (hospital nurse 1903-1947 and librarian 1930-1957)

Kenneth Cantle re-organised Rev Geoffrey O'Donoghue's lantern slides into their present (putative chronological) order in 1937.
This item contains references to: Cantle, Kenneth; O'Donoghue, Edward Geoffrey.

Creator Bethlem Royal Hospital
Date range 1937    Quantity 2 cm, 2 files
Formats Notebooks and Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier LSB-02 Series Box Number Z2-4 Series LSB

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