Series PNL - Patients Newsletters

Date Range1954
Quantity48 cm, 8 files, bundles and newsletters
ProvenanceBethlem Royal Hospital

Includes copies of The Heralded Times, Tyson Times, The Fortnightly Fright and the Tyson Gazette

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08  Ephemera

Inventory Listing

PNL-01 Tyson House adolescent unit patient newsletters

Includes copies of The Heralded Times, Tyson Times, The Fortnightly Fright and the Tyson Gazette

Creator Bethlem Royal Hospital
Date range 1954    Quantity 2 cm, 1 file
Formats Ephemera and Sketches
Inventory Identifier PNL-01 Series Box Number D8-1 Series PNL
PNL-02 Patient Newsletters

All the magazines in this box are typed on coloured paper with illustrations.

The first bundle follow a kind of date order, as follows

1st September, 1978, 4th October, 1978; 13th October, 1978; Christmas, 1985; Summer, 1986; August, 1986; February, 1987; Summer, 1987; Spring, 1988; June, 1988; Autumn/October, 1988; February, 1989; Spring, 1989; Autumn, 1989; October, 1990; November, 1990; March, 1991; May, 1991; Summer, 1991; September, 1991; November, 1991; May, 1992; December, 1992; August, 1994

The second bundle have no dates, but some have titles as follows-

Bethlem Hospital Magazine, The Bethlem Voyager, Happy Christmas, The Christmas Stocking, Lip Service, Easter Issue, Bethlem Takes Off.
There are two which have no date and no title.

There are numbers of similar magazines of which there is more than one edition. They all have titles, as follows –

Bethlem Royal Magazine, for 1992 and April, 1995.
Bethlem Express, for Autumn, 1986 and May, 1988.
Bethlem Royal Express, for October, 1986 and December, 1986.
Bethlem Magazine, for June, 1989; June, 1994 and ?, 1994
Bedlam, for September, 1979 and October/November, 1989, as well as two undated magazines

Creator Bethlem Royal Hospital
Date range 1978 - 1994    Quantity 30 cm, 3 bundles
Inventory Identifier PNL-02 Series Box Number D8-1 Series PNL
PNL-03 The Bethlem News Sheet

An envelope headed ‘Archives 11 copies Bethlem News Sheet etc.’ This is the O.T. News Sheet, also typed and on white paper, as follows
7th August, 1972; October, 16th, 1972; 16th and 30th July, 1973; 13th and 20th August, 1973; 10th September, 1973; 15th October, 1973; 29th April, 1974; 29th July, 1974

The following are printed on pink paper- 12th December, 1977; 6th , 20th and 27th January, 1978; 3rd , 10th and 17th February, 1978; 3rd , 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st March, 1978
7th , 14th , and 21st April, 1978; 26th May, 1978; 2nd , 9th, and 16th June, 1978; 21st and ?July, 1978; 8th and 15th August, 1978; 10th and 22nd November, 1978; December, 1978

There is one undated edition.

There is also the Bethlem Magazine of August, 1997 and Bethlem View of May, 2003.

Creator Bethlem Royal Hospital
Date range 1972 - 2003    Quantity 10 cm, 2 folders
Inventory Identifier PNL-03 Series Box Number D8-1 Series PNL
PNL-04 The Maudsley Magazine

Typewritten on coloured paper, Maudsley patients’ magazines, both produced by the O.T. Magazine Group. There is one undated edition of the
Maudsley Hospital Magazine. The other magazine is The Maudsley Magazine, of which there is a Spring Edition and an Autumn Edition (no year for either) and
Xmas, 1994 and Summer, 1995

Creator Maudsley Hospital
Date range 1994 - 1995    Quantity 5 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier PNL-04 Series Box Number D8-1 Series PNL
PNL-05 New Horizons

The Rodney Club newsletter, one issue.

Creator Bethlem Royal Hospital and the Maudsley Hospital (Joint Hospital)
Date range 1976    Quantity 1 cm, 1 newsletter
Inventory Identifier PNL-05 Series Box Number D8-1 Series PNL

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